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For over 30 years, JBR Clinical Research has helped advance the development and effectiveness of pain medication—with our commitment to help make informed healthcare decisions.

Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you are considering participation in a clinical trial take a look at this. This is written on an MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome), but the information is relevant to anyone with a medical condition. This edition of Dr. Steensma’s quarterly...

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JBR Clinical Research Sprain & Strain Study

Have an ankle injury? JBR Clinical Research is doing a Sprain & Strain study, they have set up at 3 soccer fields along the Wasatch Front. But you don't have to be playing at the field to benefit from this study, participants could have...

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Further Reason’s Why Smoking is a Problem

Scientists today reported the first strong evidence implicating nicotine as the main culprit responsible for persistently elevated blood sugar levels — and the resulting increased risk of serious health complications — in people who have...

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Post Cardiac Surgery Staph Vaccine Study

Post surgical infection is potentially dangerous for recovering heart patients, This study tests the effectiveness of a vaccine to prevent Staphylococcus aureus infection in patients 18 and older. Staph Vaccine Basic qualifications are: 18...

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