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For over 30 years, JBR Clinical Research has helped advance the development and effectiveness of pain medication—with our commitment to help make informed healthcare decisions.

The FDA in Clinical Trials

What role does the FDA play in approving new drugs and medical treatments? The Food and Drug Administration's job is to ensure medical treatments are safe for people to use and they do what they say they do. The FDA does not, however, develop...

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Bunion Study

Do you have a painful bunion? JBR Clinical Research will be conducting a clinical research study of an investigational pain drug given after bunion surgery-coming soon. Basic qualifications are: 18 years or older Male or Female Have a Bunion on...

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What about the safety of clinical trials?

The FDA works to protect those who participate in clinical trials and ensure that reliable information is available so that they can make an informed decision about participating in a clinical trial. The federal government has issued...

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What is Clostridium Defficile?

One of the most serious health care related infections is the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C. diff), it is often acquired during a stay in a hospital or a long-term care facility. There are hundreds of bacteria normally found in the...

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Diabetic Type II Research Studies

The American Diabetes Association reports that each year 18 Million people are  diagnosed with type II diabetes and as many  as 7 million are unaware that they have it. Unfortunately, type II diabetes can lead to critical medical complications...

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