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Who’s at Risk for Contracting C-Difficile?

Clostridium Difficile, or C-Diff for short, doesn’t play favorites when it comes to making you sick. This bacterium can affect people with no risk factors just as easily as those with weakened immune systems. Although it doesn’t generally...

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Limiting Your Lifestyle Because of Bunions?

As you age, you begin to notice changes in your body that may limit you in living a lifestyle that you love. Bunions are one of these changes that can hinder your activity level and cause pain, soreness, a burning sensation, or inflammation in...

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Answers to the Top 5 Wisdom Teeth Removal Questions

Wisdom teeth got their name in the mid 1800s due to the fact that most people don’t get this third row of molars until between the ages of 17 to 24 or so. Considered a pain both literally and figuratively to many people, wisdom teeth extraction...

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4 Facts about Clostridium Difficile You Should Know

Clostridium Difficile, also known as C-Difficile, C-Diff, or C. diff, is a common bacterium that lives in the human gut and causes extreme discomfort in the form of colitis and results in the following symptoms to a varying degree (depending on...

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I Have A Bunion. Now What?

Hallux valgus. These two Latin words equate to a lot of pain for many people. Why? Because in English, these words translate into “bunion.” Commonly known as a fleshy bump that appears on the outer side of your big toe, a bunion is actually a...

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