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Enlarged Prostate: When to See a Doctor

When Salt Lake City men turn 40, they might start to think about health issues that they hadn’t considered before. One of them might be the health of their prostate. Prostate health isn’t something that Utah men would be inclined to think about...

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Utah Wisdom Teeth Removal: Common Myths Debunked

No one wants to here a dentist tell them they need wisdom teeth removal. However, there are many wisdom teeth removal myths that may make you unjustifiably hesitant for the procedure. Read on to learn common myths—and the realities—regarding...

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What Happens if Your Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Removed?

Being told that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed can seem like a real pain. Of course, you could be in real pain if you elect to ignore medical advice and decide not to have the wisdom teeth removal surgery. But what could happen if...

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4 Signs You May Need Bunion Removal Surgery

A bunion is a deformity of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. A bunion develops when the first metatarsal bone of the foot turns outward and the big toe points inward, causing the joint to jut out. When symptoms start impacting everyday life,...

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Pediatric Meningitis: Learn to Identify the Symptoms

Pediatric meningitis is a serious condition that can put your child or teen’s health at risk. Because meningitis is easily spread among individuals in close quarters, children who attend Salt Lake City schools or daycares are at an increased...

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Pediatric Flu: 6 Treatment Tips for Parents

Caring for a sick child can be incredibly stressful for a parent. This is especially true when a child is infected with the pediatric flu. Thousands of children in Salt Lake City experience the pediatric flu each year; however, many of these...

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