Childrens Dental Clinical Trial – Childrens Dental Study Utah

***JBR Clinical Research is not accepting new applicants for this study at this time. If you would like to be considered for other studies, please submit a form on our Healthy Volunteers Study page or call us at 801-261-2000. Thank you!***

Does your child need a simple dental procedure like a cavity filling? JBR Clinical Research is currently conducting a clinical research trial to reduce the lingering numbness experienced after local anesthesia is used for a dental procedure.

It is important to reduce discomfort and pain to a minimum during dental procedures, especially in children. While local anesthesia can be safely administered even in a small child, it can become difficult for children to tolerate the lingering effects of numbness afterwards.

Dentists advise not to eat or drink anything for at least one hour after a procedure requiring local anesthesia is performed. There is a risk of accidentally biting the tongue or cheeks when numbness persists. Since local anesthesia can last up to a few hours, this can be very uncomfortable and bothersome for small children. This Utah clinical trial is researching a solution to this problem.

JBR Clinical Research is studying an investigational medicine that is given after a simple dental procedure to accelerate the recovery from local anesthesia. This clinical trial is now being conducted for healthy children through the ages of 2 and 5 years. The children must be in need of a simple dental procedure.

If your child qualifies, they may receive dental work at no cost, as well as compensation up to $275 for their time and travel. You can sign up for this clinical trial by submitting the form on this page or by calling 801-261-2000.


  • 2-5 years old
  • Male or Female
  • Healthy
  • In need of a simple dental procedure
  • 2-3 year olds need to weigh more than 22lbs
  • 4-5 year olds need to weigh more than 33lbs

If your child qualifies they may receive:

  • No Cost Simple Dental Procedures (cavity fillings).
  • Compensation up to $275 for time and travel related to the study