Utah Meningitis Clinical Trial: 10-18 Year Olds Needed

***JBR Clinical Research is not accepting new applicants for this study at this time. If you would like to be considered for other studies, please submit a form on our Healthy Volunteers Study page or call us at 801-261-2000. Thank you!***

JBR Clinical Research is conducting a clinical research study for an investigational meningitis vaccine for healthy volunteers that are 10-18 years old. In order to qualify for the study patients cannot have had a Hepatitis A vaccine and must be able to bring in vaccination records. Participants in the study will receive a no cost meningitis vaccination, health care related to the study, and may be compensated up to $400 for their time and travel associated with the study.

Basic qualifications are:

· 10-18 years old
· Male or Female
· Healthy
· Cannot have had a Hepatitis A vaccine in the past

If you qualify you may receive:

· Study related exam
· No cost investigational flu vaccination
· Compensation up to $400 for time and travel related to the study

Meningococcal disease, also called meningitis, is a serious illness. It causes the tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord to become swollen and inflamed. Meningococcal disease is caused by a certain type of bacteria that can make young people (10-25) very sick. There are vaccines for other types of Meningococcal disease but there is no vaccine to prevent Meningococcal disease type B.